Teaching English online or overseas – A way to make a living during the COVID 19 pandemic.

This piece piece was written by Max Kelly.

This piece is intended for a broad audience. Those under less financial strain might find inspiration for something to do. Those who need a way to get some more cash might find it here. It contains advice on finding a job you can do in many places across the planet. I am not an industry mogul, but here are my thoughts. They are free of charge. I just hope my insights help. 

COVID 19 has created a global shitstorm, but the experience is all relative. National boundaries, geography, demography, and personal interpretations all influence how we interpret this debacle. COVID has rendered many unable to work in their usual capacity. And not everyone is fortunate enough to have had government furlough schemes. For the luckier ones on furlough schemes, confinement, isolation, listlessness, and boredom have put senses of mental wellbeing and fortitude through their paces. 

We cannot negate the issues that the pandemic has caused for anybody, money aside. Yet, it is essential to recognise that financial pressures, to boot, must exacerbate an already problematic situation. 

So here is an idea that could be of value, whichever predicament you may find yourself in…

Teach English! 

Getting Started 

I am based in Vietnam, which is flitting between lockdowns and normality because of COVID 19. This means I am sometimes in a real classroom and online at other times. 

You could jump between the classroom and the computer screen like me. Or you might want to stick to online teaching. Either way, you might want to consider this. 

There are TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) courses that you can do entirely online. You can do others solely face-to-face. Some are a mix of the two. 

Dozens of companies offer these courses, often for a reasonable price.  

I recommend getting one of these qualifications. It will increase your earning potential. Some companies do not even ask for a qualification. Bear in mind that if you make do without a TEFL certificate, you can find jobs, but you probably will not earn as much. 

It is wise to also look into how many hours the TEFL course is and whether or not it is accredited. Some companies ask for a certain amount of hours on your part to attain them and for accreditation. Be mindful to not misspend your time and money on the wrong course.

The Ethics 

I also stress that money is not the only consideration here. Ethics are very pertinent, too. There are cowboys in this line of work who want to exploit students and parents. They do so by charging unreasonable amounts for a mediocre service. Do your research. Be diligent. Work on a platform that cares about your students the same way I am sure you will.

Moreover, morally dubious employers can also show similar disregard for their employees. To avoid being diddled out of cash or manipulated to unfair ends by unscrupulous bosses, DO YOUR RESEARCH! 

Final word 

I hasten to add that this is one of many things you can do in foreign countries and/or online during these strange times. This is just an area that I can offer some insider knowledge for. This may not be for you. If it is not, thank you for reading, nonetheless. If this is of value to you, then thank you, too. I hope I helped. 

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