Master of Arts in Creative and Critical Writing (Sussex).

For an example of my style of writing, please visit:

Bedworth Nub for local news writing on the aviation industry via this link, travelling during a pandemic via this link, or a local business-woman via this link

Atherstone Nub for local news writing interviewing an author via this link, or the local art scene via this link

Lothlorien Poetry Journal for 5 original pieces of my poetry via this link,

The Writer’s Cookbook for creative writing on womanhood, via this link,

the Demon Media for various articles published while I was Lifestyle Editor, via this link,

City Travel Review for the Berlin travel brochure I contributed to via this link,

the Student Minds Blog on my experience as an adult learner via this link, or on creative writing via this link

and finally, Welcome to Your Twenties on friendships via this link.