In Elle Renée’s corner of the Internet:

A art history, amateur ballet, avid readers
B bold women, best friends, brazen feminism
C creative writing, content production, city hopping
D dreamers, diary keepers, dressers of 1920s fashion,
E ever-striving, ever-working, ever-writing
F female friendships, ferocious women, French-adoring
G guest-bloggers, great loves, grey areas
H how-tos, Harlem Renaissance, happy corners
I innovation, illustration, intuition
J jokey tongues-in-cheek, just kiddings, jam for vegans
K kisses, Kenilworth living, killing inequality
L lost thoughts, lonely entries, longing poetry
M memories passed, moans in bed, more passion
N nature, nostalgic journals, now-or-nevers
O orgasms, old-fashioned honesty, out-of-the-box thoughts
P positivity around sex, passionate columns, pro-equality
Q queer spaces, quests for better, quizzes on books
R red lipstick, resting bitch face, raucous laughter
S sex columns, stripy jumpers, sweaters with a roll-neck
trans-supporting, timeless manners, thriving writers
understanding, unlimited compassion, unknown territory
V verified writers, vampish make-up, venomous lipstick
W women’s rights, Wiltshire visits, wandering feet
X-rated content, Xtra on Radio 1, ‘X’ at the end of texts
youth passing, your own identity, young loves lost
zz-catching, zebra-print style, zealous plans to succeed.